A great place to grow

We don't believe you should ever stop learning or growing. Especially if you work with us. That's why we invest in one of the most comprehensive professional growth and development programs in the industry and make it available to all of our employees worldwide. Below are just a few of the world-class thinkers and educators who’ve also been SSCGU professors.


As part of our GoodWorks program, all SSCG-ers get a paid day off to volunteer their time and connect with the community. SSCG Media Group has several commitments:

The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, where we head up to the Bronx to work with the kids of CHAM.

The City Harvest Mobile Market, where we hand out fresh fruit and vegetables to those in need in the area.

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, where we serve hot meals to those who are hungry.

The Queens County Farm, where we roll up our sleeves, get dirty, and assist farmers at the only working historical farm in New York City, so that they can continue to offer city kids and families a taste of the country for free. Giving Giving