Debbie Renner, CEO

Debbie joined the CDM Group family in 1990 when it was about 2% of its current size. With fearless determination, a hunger for constant evolution, and a stellar leadership team, Debbie led the formation of the SSCG Media Group in 2008 and is proud to have grown the company into the largest and most respected multichannel media strategy, planning and buying group in the world that is 100% dedicated to healthcare. She encourages the industry to come up with more creative ways to reach key customers, avowing “Just because it’s never been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done!”

But in spite of this enthusiasm and incredible entrepreneurial spirit, Debbie never loses sight of what she considers SSCG’s greatest asset: our people. Debbie takes great care to ensure that the agency’s core values of Substance, Style, Conviction and Grace (SSCG) continue to be the guiding tenets for all its employees no matter how large the group gets.

Debbie has remained active in the pharmaceutical industry throughout her career, speaking at publishing company annual meetings, chairing fundraising events and serving on industry advisory boards. She currently serves on the Global Board of Directors of BPA, with specific interest in evolving the industry’s digital auditing practices.

Debbie received her BA in communications and psychology from Villanova University. In her spare time, she and her husband Dave (whom she met at the agency 25 years ago!) can be found doting over their daughter Abigail.